What’s On Offer?

An abundance of delis and more than 80 different restaurants, representing cuisine from all across the globe, can be found on St Barths.

In our opinion,the famously sophisticated yet casual restaurant scene – which has seen the island often dubbed
‘the culinary capital of the Caribbean’ – compares favourably to almost anywhere in the world.

Wherever you choose to dine, you can be sure of enjoying varied and exquisite cuisine with French flair,
great wine, attentive service and a relaxed atmosphere.

What’s more, if you look in the right place you’ll often find freshly caught local seafood as well as
French delicacies straight off the regular flight from Paris.

What we enjoy most of all at Les Ilets, though, are the dishes created by local chefs which blend local
products and gourmet ingredients to produce flavours unique to the island itself.

We do recommend that you make a reservation though, especially in high season. Not that there’s any need for you to pick up
the phone yourself – just make a quick trip to reception where our team will be happy to recommend
where you should eat and book a table for you. Advance booking is recommended throughout the high season.

There are also a number of private chefs available if you wish to dine or entertain at home, as well as
a variety of delis and traiteurs offering restaurant-quality food to go.

Sound too fancy?

Worry not – despite the sophisticated food, most restaurants in St Barths are very casual. There’s absolutely no need
to pack your jacket and tie… in fact, you’ll feel very out of place if you do!

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What About Lunch?

Of course, there are all sorts of places on the beach for a light (or heavy) lunch. There are family restaurants, atmospheric/trendy restaurants,
chic restaurants, big restaurants and small restaurants.

However nothing beats a “hamburger in Paradise” aka Le Select, a quintessential Caribbean lobster experience at La Langouste or a sublime takeout from one of the many delis to eat in the comfort of your own villa.

For now, we haven’t listed any of the restaurants or delis here – there are too many excellent ones to be able to pick a favourite straight off the bat.

But be sure to watch this space or subscribe to our newsletter, as plans are afoot to review a selection of our preferred island eateries on our blog in the near future.

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Les Ilets Restaurant Guide

Gustavia & Public

25 Quarter
TEL: 0590 27 51 82
OPEN: Lunch & dinner
CLOSED: Sundays

Fun and eclectic place in the heart of the capital with creative food and ambiance. Great selection of whiskies, rums and other spirits. Quesadillas, tacos, dumplings. Their kitchen stays open till 1am. Perfect for a snack and a night-cap.

Bagatelle Waterfront
TEL: 0590 27 51 51
OPEN: Dinner only
Monday-Thursday: 7pm-1am
Friday & Saturday: 7pm-2am
CLOSED: Sundays

Bagatelle combines great French cuisine with a selection of fine wines and champagne along with the legendary Bagatelle atmosphere. The service is friendly, the atmosphere is lively and the resident DJs provide excellent music. The champagne starts to flow and the party really starts after 11pm!

Bete a Z’ailes aka the Bazbar
TEL: 0590 29 74 09 website:
OPEN: Dinner
Monday – Saturday, 4pm – 2am (NB kitchen closes at 10.30pm) Lunch – Coming soon
CLOSED: Sundays

Jean-Marc and his team welcome you to the newly renovated Baz Bar with Cocktails, Sushi, Tapas and Music (live bands during the high season). Great waterfront spot.

Black Ginger
TEL: 0590 29 21 03
OPEN: Dinner only
CLOSED: Tuesdays

Located right in the heart of Gustavia, Black Ginger serves authentic and refined Thai cuisine, concocted by a trio of Thai chefs. Its unique interior courtyard opens on the starry sky, matched only by its contemporary design combining a palette of red and black colours, max domes spreading a soft light, and minimalist furniture. NB “Black Ginger to go” take out is available for lunch.

TEL: 0590 27 96 96
OPEN: Dinner only
CLOSED: Sundays

Starting from November 18th new menu a la carte. A hotspot in town with stunning views of the harbour. Ceviche bar, carpaccio, tartares and a charcoal grill.

Choisy Bakery

TEL: 0590 29 76 78
OPEN: Every day 5.30 am to 1pm. Sunday 05.30 am to 12noon

Arrive early if you’re keen on croissants and baguettes – they can sell out fast! Choisy also offers pre-made sandwiches, tarts, and pastries, as well as coffee. Nice ambiance for Breakfast. On site or to take away.

TEL: 0590 27 54 17
OPEN: Dinner only
CLOSED: Sundays

No reservations except for large tables.
One of St. Barths’ oldest restaurants and one of our top choices, Eddy’s serves traditional Caribbean cuisine in a beautiful garden setting in the heart of Gustavia.

Fish Corner
TEL: 0590 51 36 33
OPEN: Lunch only
CLOSED: Sundays
From November 23rd will offer dinner on Friday and Saturday nights only

A welcome newcomer last season… there’s a new menu every week and it’s always a large selection of local seafood from the “catch of the day”, fast service & good prices.

TEL: 0590 27 53 20
OPEN: Lunch & Dinner every day

In the former Pipiri Palace space, Galawa’s tables are set in a tropical garden within a restored classic St. Barths house. The menu is a combination of French & Caribbean cuisine.

Carambole Bakery
TEL: 0590 27 90 05
OPEN: Every day 6am to 3.30 pm except on Wednesday: 6am to 3pm.
Saturday & Sunday from 6am to 12.30pm

French pastries for breakfast & excellent sandwiches. On site or to take away.

La Cantina
TEL: 0590 27 55 66
Email :
OPEN: Lunch & Tapas for diner

Open all day, including breakfast and happy hour. Casual, but with a cool atmosphere in Gustavia overlooking the harbor.

La Crêperie
TEL : 0590 27 84 07
Email :
OPEN: Lunch & dinner 10am to 10pm
CLOSED: Sundays

The place to bring kids! From savoury crepes to sweet ones, to salads and sandwiches, the menu has many options. Pizzas on site or to take away only for diner.

La Guerite
TEL : 0590 27 71 83
Email :
OPEN: Dinner only Monday to Saturday
CLOSED: Sundays

La Guérite, sister restaurant of the famous institution on Sainte-Marguerite island near Cannes, is located at the tip of Gustavia’s Harbour. Stunning views over the port with an authentic Mediterranean cuisine, created by one of the prodigies of Greek gastronomy: Yiannis Kioroglou.

Le Repaire
TEL: 0590 27 72 48
OPEN: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner every day

Head to Le Repaire for breakfast, lunch or dinner on your way into town for Brasserie style, French cuisine.

Le Select
TEL: 0590 27 86 87
OPEN: Lunch and Dinner
CLOSED: Sundays

The melting pot of St Barths and home to Jimmy Buffet’s famous “Cheeseburger in Paradise” – Le Select sits in the centre of town with white plastic chairs & a totally casual vibe. This is a St Barths institution and the oldest bar in town… celebrating its 69th birthday this year!
On site or to take away.

Le Vietnam
TEL: 0590 27 81 37
OPEN: Dinner only
CLOSED: Tuesdays

Very traditional Asiatic restaurant with Vietnamese specialties (Peking Duck, Bun Bo and Egg Rolls). Perfect for take-out, too.

TEL: 0590 27 70 11
OPEN: Dinner only
CLOSED: Sundays

Local & French-fusion cuisine and a selection of wines at a moderate price. The small room welcomes regular customers and visitors for dinner with great harbour views.

TEL: 0590 51 00 05
OPEN: Dinner only
CLOSED: Mondays

If you’re craving great Italian head to L’Isola. Sophisticated Italian recipes, prepared using only the very finest ingredients. Their homemade pasta is delicious! An elegant restaurant plus a lovely warm ambiance adds up to a memorable culinary experience.

TEL: 0590 52 02 02
OPEN: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
CLOSED: Mondays

A true “Roman style” pizzeria right in the centre of town, L’Isoletta treats you to a variety of delicious pizzas at any hour of the day and late into the evening. Add some good Italian wine and settle down comfortably at one of the low tables on the covered terrace. Kids (& grown-ups!) love the pizza by the metre! Eat in or take out.

Maya’s I Public
TEL: 0590277573
OPEN: Dinner only
CLOSED: Sundays
Reopening mid-November.

Maya’s is an institution on St Barths since 1984 and one of our all-time favourites! The menu changes daily, using fresh, Caribbean-sourced ingredients for dishes that are flavourful, healthy and light. Save space for dessert… Maya’s famous chocolate cake, orange cake and coconut tart are not to be missed! Beautiful setting overlooking the water at Public.

TEL: 0590 27 63 77
OPEN: Dinner only
CLOSED: Wednesdays

Ociela offers a unique culinary experience inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and stands out by including Middle Eastern coastal cuisine! Ociela provides excellent service in a relaxed atmosphere where guests can share small Mezze plates at the bar or enjoy dinner on the exterior terrace with a spectacular view of Gustavia Harbour. Try the Hookah lounge with friends before heading down to Casa nightclub to conclude your evening.

TEL: 0590 52 45 31
OPEN: Dinner only
CLOSED: Sundays
Reopening November 23rd with a new menu!

Authentic Japanese food. Located in the centre of Gustavia, just a few steps away from the giant anchor resting across from the Anglican Church. Orega offers a surprising, refined, and masterful Franco-Japanese fusion concept.

Quartier General
TEL: 0590 87 41 36
OPEN: Lunch & Dinner every day

Hervé from Coté Port (and for the old timers… Le Rivage!) is back with his brand-new place called Le QG. Modern lively brasserie style located on the far side of the port.

Shellona Beach
TEL: 0590 29 06 66
OPEN: Lunch only 12-4pm & Bar from 9am to 8pm

Formerly Do Brazil, Shellona is located right on Shell Beach¬–one of the best spots to watch the sunset. They have a Mediterranean and Greek menu and offer special cocktails. Perfect for sundowners, people watching and spending lazy Sunday afternoons!


L’Esprit de Jean Claude Dufour
TEL: 0590 52 46 10
OPEN: Lunch & Dinner
CLOSED: Tuesdays all day & Wednesdays lunch.

Known simply as “L’Esprit”, this is one of the most highly recommended restaurants by visitors to the island. Renowned chef Jean-Claude Dufour (formerly of Eden Rock) serves innovative dishes in a romantic garden terrace close to Saline Beach. Try the duck spring rolls & lobster ravioli!

Grain de Sel
TEL: 0590 52 46 05
OPEN: Lunch & Dinner
CLOSED: Sunday nights and all-day Monday

Just a step away from Saline beach, this is an open-air restaurant with world cuisine & authentic Creole dishes – We recommend the conch stew!

TEL: 0590 29 27 74
OPEN: Dinner only
CLOSED: Mondays

Recently renovated, the Tamarin is more beautiful than ever, stunning garden with a lily pond & their famous Tamarin tree taking centre stage. The menu features light tropical salads as well as local fish & meat dishes.

Colombier, Flamands, Anse des Cayes, Corossol

Au Regal I Corossol
TEL: 0590 27 85 26
OPEN: Lunch & Dinner
CLOSED: Sundays & Mondays

As close to a French cafe as you will find on St Barths. The décor Au Regal is simple (covered in Football scarves!), but the food is good and the clientele very local. Try their Chicken Colombo, or escargot.

Cheval Blanc Hotel – Ile de France I Flamands
TEL: 0590 27 61 81
OPEN: Lunch & dinner every day

Reopening on December 1st.
Fine French cuisine with gorgeous views over Flamands Beach.

Chez Yvon
TEL: 0590298681
OPEN: Lunch & Dinner
CLOSED: Sunday

Very local place with classic Creole Snacks, Burger and Salads

François Plantation at Villa Marie I Colombier
TEL: 0590 77 52 52
OPEN: Dinner every day in the formal dining room
Lunch every day around the pool: Snacks & salads

An elegant dining experience with French classics such as foie gras, fresh tartares, and soufflés.

Hotel Manapany I Anse des Cayes
TEL: 0590 27 66 55
OPEN: Breakfast, lunch & dinner every day
Tapas: 3PM – 10PM
Reopening on November 15th

The newly renovated Manapany offers the best ingredients that the island has to offer. Seafood, aromatic herbs, fruits and vegetables grown on the domain. Relaxed waterfront bites and unique menus around the pool.

La Petite Colombe Bakery
TEL: 0590 27 59 27
OPEN: Every day 5.30am to 1.30 pm except on Saturday & Sunday from 5.30 am to 1pm

Traditional bakery in Colombier with Sandwiches, Salads & Quiches. On site or to take away.

La Langouste I Hotel Baie des Anges – Flamands Beach
TEL: 0590 27 63 61
OPEN: Lunch & Dinner every day

La Langouste is an islands staple and offers a varied menu of French cuisine with a Creole influence. They offer a wide variety of fish, but fresh lobster is their speciality. You can choose directly from the fish tank and it’ll be grilled and served with 3 sauces. It’s not all fish.. plenty of meat on offer too!

Les Bananiers I Colombier
TEL: 0590 27 93 48
OPEN: Lunch & Dinner
CLOSED: Sundays

Next door to la Petite Colombe bakery in Colombier. World cuisine with good pizzas, reasonably priced with a local clientele.

St Jean, Lurin

Chez Joe
TEL : 0590 27 71 40
CLOSED: Sundays & evenings

Located on the first floor of the airport with daily specials. Ideal before taking off for a flight, grabbing a coffee or plane spotting!

Kiki E Mo
TEL: 0590 27 90 65
OPEN: Every day from 9am to 9pm

Snacks to eat in or take away. The best paninis on the island. Pick up a selection of their prepared salads en route to the beach.

L’Ardoise I St Jean
TEL: 0590 77 47 97
OPEN: Dinner only
CLOSED: Sundays

Located in Villa Creole, it’s an easy place to stop for a bite mid-shopping. Local feel with reasonable
prices. Savoury and dessert crepes and pizzas on the menu.

Le Glacier
TEL: 0590 27 71 30
OPEN: every day from 6am to 10:30 pm Breakfast & Lunch only – No diner only bar

Sports bar, very local.

Le Jardin
TEL: 0590 27 73 62
OPEN: Breakfast & lunch
CLOSED: Sunday

Located across the street from the airport. Le Jardin is the perfect spot for a light lunch.

Le Piment
TEL: 0590 27 53 88
OPEN: Lunch & Dinner.
CLOSED: Mondays

Restaurant and tapas bar with paella on Saturdays and Sundays. Very local.

Lil’Rock I St Jean Beach
TEL: 06 90 40 56 62
OPEN: Lunch only
Reopening soon .. DATE TBA!
Local Caribbean restaurant

Enjoy BBQ, salads and a bit of music with your feet in the sand on the beautiful St Jean beach.

Eden Rock I St Jean Beach
Sadly closed until November 2019 – The Rock will be back!

Nikki Beach I St Jean Beach
TEL: 0590 27 64 64
OPEN: Lunch only (2 settings: 12pm + 3pm)
CLOSED: Dinner

Party, party, party!! Nikki Beach St Barths lives up to its party reputation but manages to combine great food with the party atmosphere. Don’t be surprised if you end up dancing on the tables… in fact, you will feel left out if you don’t!!

Pearl Beach I St Jean Beach
TEL: 06 90 33 06 12
OPEN: Breakfast & Lunch every day
(Formerly La Plage – Tom Beach)

Located right on St Jean Beach, only a short stroll along the beach from Les Ilets. There is always something happening here! Thursday night – “All about Lobster”, “Friday night Live” where dinner & music match, Saturdays are “Bikini Days” and finally Sunday nights are BBQ nights.
Perfect lunch spot too … feet in the sand a refreshing dip between courses!

Papa’s Pizza
TEL: 0590 29 87 76
OPEN: –6pm to 10pm
CLOSED on Tuesdays

Extensive pizza menu – and available for delivery!

Papillon Ivre
TEL: 0690 73 25 30
OPEN: Dinner only

Papillon Ivre is the island’s first wine bar and a real gem in St Jean. This is a casual and warm place popular with guests and locals alike. The wine list, not surprisingly is French, they also offer small plates of charcuturies, French cheeses & light bites.

Santa Fé I Lurin
TEL: 0590276104
OPEN: Lunch & Dinner
CLOSED: All day Wednesdays & Saturdays for lunch

The highlight of Santa Fé, (besides its food obviously) is the terrific view from the two terraces. You’ll enjoy extensive views of the sea and even neighbouring islands. Santa Fe offers an excellent fusion kitchen, local fish & friendly service.

Pointe Milou, Marigot, Grand Cul de Sac & Toiny

Aux Amis I Le Barthelemy Hotel I Grand Cul de Sac
TEL: 0590 77 48 48
OPEN: Lunch & Dinner every day
Brunch on Sundays
Perfect view onto the lagoon for a nice lunch or dinner around the pool. New rooftop bar..worth a visit!

Le Guanahani I Grand Cul de Sac
Sadly, closed until Summer 2019 – watch this space!

Le Sereno I Grand Cul de Sac
TEL: 0590 29 83 00
OPEN: Lunch & Dinner every day
Reopening on December 01st

With a new updated look, Restaurant Le Sereno features a fully open-air concept, taking advantage of the dramatic surroundings and giving guests a water view from almost every angle. Idyllic beachfront setting, located on the beach of St. Barth’s Grand Cul de Sac, it is the perfect place for savouring sunsets and extraordinary dining. The menu focuses on Mediterranean dishes with an Italian accent.

Hotel Christopher I Pointe Milou
TEL: 0590 27 63 63

Christo Lounge Restaurant
For Breakfast & Dinner every day

A convivial place to share those special moments in life, le Christo offers healthy, delicious cuisine in a setting with sleek, elegant design. The experience continues with a selection of wines from around the world and unique organic cocktails.

Mango Beach Club
For Lunch every day
Offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding islands and the ocean. Mango beach club provides delicious cocktails and a light & tasty cuisine, made with simply grilled products from the sea and surprising salads. For a lunch feet in the sand, a cocktail at the bar or a snack in the afternoon, this is a friendly & chic place.

Le Ti St. Barth I Pointe Milou
TEL: 0590 27 97 71
OPEN: Dinner only every day

Cabaret ambiance and DJ set every night! By the end of dinner, expect half the room to be dancing on tables. Great for birthday parties, Le ‘ti St. Barth has remained popular for many years.

Yo Sushi Mania I Marigot
TEL: 0690 65 12 55
OPEN: Lunch & Dinner
CLOSED: Tuesdays

Located at Villa Lodge in Grand Cul de Sac. Yo Sushi Mania is the place for terrific sushi. By the pool, enjoy the sushi boats, rolls, and Sake. To go or delivery as well!

Toiny Restaurant I Toiny
TEL: 0590 27 88 88
OPEN: Lunch & Dinner every day

Le Toiny Restaurant
For Dinner only
Elegant Mediterranean inspired cuisine
A new open-air oyster shell bar, cosy corners of seating and a champagne sitting area, ideal for pre-dinner aperitifs, give a relaxed and intimate feeling to Le Toiny’s restaurant, offers breath-taking views overlooking the hotel’s infinity pool and the Caribbean Sea.

Le Toiny Beach Club
For lunch only
The hotel’s secluded beach club has been refurbished and landscaped and features a coconut grove, tamarind field, a pineapple orchard and a gorgeous beach on the Caribbean side of the island. They offer a full beach service with loungers under the shade of Coconut palms and an al fresco bar as well as a delightful boutique.
Enjoy a feet-in-the-sand Cocktail while looking at surfers.


TEL: 0590 29 76 78
OPEN: EVERY DAY 5.30 am to 1pm except on Sunday 5.30 am to 12noon.
Wonderful bakery in Lorient. Arrive early if you’re keen on croissants and baguettes – they can sell out fast! Choisy also offers pre-made sandwiches, tarts, and pastries, as well as coffee. Nice ambiance for Breakfast. On site or to take away.

Le Bouchon
TEL: 0590 27 79 39
OPEN: Lunch & Dinner
CLOSED: Sunday

Located in the shopping center next to L’Oasis supermarket, Le Bouchon is a perfect spot for take-out, or a low-key meal if you’re staying nearby. Large pizza menu, as well as salads and paninis.

La Petite Colombe Bakery
TEL: 0590 29 74 30
OPEN: Every day 5.30am to 1.30 pm except on Saturday & Sunday from 5.30 am to 1pm
Expect the same great fresh bakery offerings as the Colombier location.

Plage de St Jean F91733 St Barthelemy French West Indies