Front Office

Julia was born in Nuremberg, Germany and travelled throughout Europe from a young age with her family and later backpacking.

Julia fell in love with the Italian lifestyle and consequently moved to Italy in her 20’s to pursue her studies in Wildlife Management. 

To finance her degree Julia found part-time jobs along the way and she realized she enjoyed hospitality, serving people and ensuring they had a pleasant stay whether in the restaurant, at the fair or in a hotel. Her love of Italy led to her falling in love with an Italian and when her fiancé Mirco was offered a job in St Barths, Julia moved with him.

Julia speaks German, Italian, English & French, and with the experience she had gained in Italy, was quickly snapped up by Les Ilets in December 2016.  Julia is a great asset and has become an integral and much appreciated member of the Front Office team, there is nothing she can’t turn her hand to and she is our resident Girl Friday!

Julia & Mirco tied the knot in St Barths in October 2020 and recently launched their own venture, the fabulous, new and much needed Green Launderette in St Barths. Julia has also taken over the reservations at Les Ilets and deals with all your concierge enquiries, as well as supporting our new manager Aurélie. She’s one busy lady!  

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