Originally from Normandy in France, Antoine’s family moved to the island when he was a young child.

What’s more, Antoine’s mother worked at Les Ilets many years ago, so a large part of his childhood was spent here on beautiful St Jean beach. You might say St Barths (and surfing) are in his blood…

The resort’s resident maintenance man, there is nothing Antoine doesn‘t know about Les Ilets. He will tackle anything with patience and good nature, and is just as happy spending an hour repairing a guest’s suitcase before checkout as he his painting, decorating or fixing the electrics.

The proud owner of a ‘PhD in surfing’ from the island’s well-known Pointe Milou Academy, these days Antoine has become something of a guru for the island’s youngsters, who call him for advice when they have problems with their surf technique.

He has a beautiful teenage daughter, Emily, who has also been lucky enough to grow up here, and you will often spot the pair of them together in town.