Les Ilets is currently closed for annual closure and repairs.

As you are undoubtedly aware, St Barths and many of the Northern Leeward islands were hit by hurricane Irma on September 6th.

Most importantly all staff safe & well and Les Ilets battered and bruised but still standing!!

Concerning the situation in general on the island. Firstly we must tell you that St Barths is very sturdy and although there has been wide spread damage, the island is far from destroyed and the island stepped quickly into gear to start the recovery process. The authorities have a firm grip on the situation, the port is operational, the airport is operational, electricity has been restored in parts and the water is back on in 90% of the island. All main roads have been cleared. Even the boulangerie is open… things are moving very fast!

We are currently in the process of assessing the situation at Les Ilets, once this has been fully completed we will provide further updates. If you are holding a reservation you should have received an email from us or will be imminently, however it is impossible to give a timescale on the repairs at this stage.

Our electricity is intermittent so please forgive us if we don’t respond to any enquiries straight away… we will in due course.

Meanwhile please bear with us and trust that the clear-up process is underway in earnest and our beautiful, beloved island will get back on its feet.

Thank you for your continued support, St Barths is strong!

Kind regards,

The Team at Les Ilets

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