25 Things That Children Love About St Barths

25 Things Children Love About St Barths

St-Barths-Oct-2008-020Who says St Barths is for the rich and famous?

For me it’s not about the fancy restaurants or the shopping or the “beautiful people” – I’m Ollie, ten years old and I’ve been coming here since I was two.

Les Ilets on St Barths is my favourite place in the world and here are some of the things I like to do when I’m there.

1. Canoeing across St Jean Bay on my own (well, my mum watches me and my dad follows me… but I do all the paddling!)

2. Finding the iguanas that live at Les Ilets and feeding them the hibiscus flowers. The red ones are their favourites.

3. Watching the huge fat snails that come out when it rains.

4. Watching the pelicans that dive for fish in St Jean Bay. They look like torpedoes and they dive so fast in the shallow water. I don’t know how they don’t bang their heads on the bottom!

5. Feeding the fish. If you keep really still sometimes the fish will even suck your fingers! We always seem to end up attracting a flock of seagulls that tries to steal the fish food.

6. Hermit crabs are brilliant fun to watch and they’ll even race! They love the steps under the beach villas.

7. Trying new fruits from the lovely ladies in Gustavia. My favourite is a custard apple – it looks weird, but it tastes amazing.

8. Pizza at Andy’s Hideaway. It’s the best!

9. Watching the planes taking off and landing, especially when they land right next to the beach – they come in so low, it’s brilliant.

10. Sitting next to the pilot on the small plane – they even let me touch the controls sometimes, even though my mum has kittens!

11. Driving around in Uncle David’s mini-moke.

12. Choosing the fish from the market in Gustavia, even if it does mean getting up really early to choose the best ones. My dad throws them on the BBQ and they’re just delicious… and I won’t even eat fish at home!

13. The pain au chocolat which I get to eat on the beach while watching the sunrise.

14. Wearing hardly any clothes. I live in shorts and flip-flops, which beats school uniform any day!

15. Swimming when it rains – the sea always feels so warm.

16. Hamburger in paradise… a Big Mac it ain’t!

17. Snoozing in the hammock.

18. Showering outside.

19. Walking along the beach.

20. Bodyboarding – although I need loads more practice…

21. Collecting coconuts when they fall.

22. Collecting shells from Shell Beach for my little sister (she likes to make bracelets).

23. Making the biggest sandcastles on the beach with my sister.

24. Swimming all day long: beach, pool, beach, pool, beach, pool…

25. Snorkelling around the rocks in the corner of St Jean Bay.

Any you think Ollie has missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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